From the outset, your solution begins to take shape. You’ll find an atmosphere of exploration, innovation and passion for your products. Through the power of collaboration, we are able to lead you towards the best possible solutions.

Flexo plates
We utilise Kodak's Flexcel NX, which offers cutting-edge digital plate making technology with the highest quality image reproduction.

Rotogravure cylinder engraving
Our gravure cylinder engraving solution, from Daetwyler and Hell, caters to our customer demands with minimum lead times.

We offer a complete workshop for cylinder machining, copper plating, chrome, balancing, grinding and highly precision machine called “CFM “ to achieve minimum surface tolerance up to +/- 1 micron.

Film Extrusion

We have a Varex three-layer blown film line from Windmoller & Holscher to produce top quality films using third and fourth generation materials. The visual appearance, functional properties, film thickness precision and performance are outstanding.

Kompass has three more lines of extrusions to cater the rising demands. We have the capability to produce five-layer Nylon/PA based barrier films.

Flexographic Printing

Primaflex from Windmoller & Holscher is an eight-colour, fully automatic gearless press which is able to print at speeds up to 300 meters per minute .

Our Miraflex printing machine can print at speeds up to 500 meters per minute and features many new details such as fast change sleeve system, automatic impression settings and registration.

It offers superior print quality on film, paper, aluminum foil, and laminates.

Rotogravure Printing

The Heliostar-S from Windmoller & Holscher is a roto-gravure printing machine with printing speeds up to 500 meter per minute. This machine is equipped with EASY-SYNC system sets pre register quickly and automatically.


Super Simplex SL
Nordmeccanica'a Super Simplex SL is a solventless laminator with speeds up to 400m/min.

Nexus SL2
The Nexus SL2 from Comexi is a solventless laminator with speeds up to 450m/min.


We have eight slitting machines, including a Comexi ProSlit S2 DT, which is fully automated and operates at a speed up to 500m/min.

Bag Making

We have bag-making capabilities to manufacture packaging for diaper, bread, sanitary, including zipper, four-side-seal and stand-up pouches.

Quality Control Lab

Our lab performs tests during and after production to meet specific quality as per ASTM standards, including tensile, bond and seal strength, dart drop and coefficient of friction.

To check barrier properties of films, we also have gas chromatography along with WVTR and OTR testing equipment.


We have a disaster management system in place, along with a fully automatic fire protection system. Safety surveys are conducted regularly to ensure that all of our equipment is up to standard and creates no safety risk for our team.